The Sprout HouseThe Sprout HouseThe Sprout House
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The Sprout HouseThe Sprout HouseThe Sprout House


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The Sprout House is a licensed preschool for children 18 months and older, and was founded in 2016 as the culmination of over 15+ years experience in early childhood education. Together, the family set out to create a warm and inviting setting where children can get one on one attention, make the most of their early years, and above all else, have fun and feel at home.


We are a year round preschool open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. We take 4 weeks of vacation each year: one week in the Spring, two in the Summer, and one around Christmas & New Year's. The Sprout House also observes most major Federal holidays.


The student to teacher ratio is limited to 6 to 1. It's a number unlike what you find in most other schools today. At 6 to 1, each child has a real presence, is engaged, and benefits from the close play and interaction with the teacher.


We admire aspects of both Waldorf and Montessori education, but find it is in the best interest of the child to be as flexible as possible. As we move through the day we ask, 'What are the current needs of this child?' There are times when we give the child a task and step back in favor of independence; let the child read or draw or prepare a snack in the kitchen. There are also times when the child needs one on one attention to ask important questions, express their feelings or feel valued and loved. By asking what the child needs, the development of the child becomes the highest priority, and not the particular pedagogy.


We know that some children develop faster than others. In deciding to accept children beginning around 18 months of age, we are looking for a level of mobility and independence that allows a teacher to keep a watchful eye from across the room if necessary. If you would like us to consider your child, give us a call to arrange an interview. It's the best way to make sure we have a good fit for both teacher and student.

No. We are happy to accept children who are not potty trained, and work with the parents when the time arrives. Please ask about our Potty Training Policy when you enroll, or click on the button below.


We understand that when a child acts out it is because something is missing. In our view, we do not help the child if we respond solely on the side of discipline and say, "Don't do that!" We prefer to observe the child and ask, 'What is it this child needs to return to his or her calm and happy self?' If we need to give the child a special task, or let him be our helper in the classroom, we can do that!  

On the other hand, we believe having the freedom to develop and make choices is an important part of the path to adulthood. So we talk to the children, explain why the behavior is inappropriate, and lay out the consequences should the action be repeated (usually separating the child from the stimulus until calmness returns). We give the children the freedom to choose their own path, and let the consequences become a helper.

While each child is expected to have breakfast at home and bring their very best energy to the preschool each day, the preschool is happy to provide free AM & PM snacks, as well as lunch, through our membership in the Child Nutrition Program of Southern California. We favor simple, all natural foods over those that are heavily processed. With our meal plans, your child will enjoy a large selection of fruits and vegetables, and simple sandwiches and pastas that they can help prepare themselves. Of course you still have the option of providing your child's food yourself, and we are happy to work with you on any special dietary needs.

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