The Sprout HouseThe Sprout HouseThe Sprout House
4455 Cannington Drive San Diego, CA 92117
The Sprout HouseThe Sprout HouseThe Sprout House

About Us

About Us

With the birth of our second child in 2015, my husband and I began looking for ways to bring our work and family life closer together. We both worked with children, so it just made sense that we welcome the community into our home and teach our own children along with everyone else’s. We created The Sprout House in 2016 to be a unique offering that emphasizes our family approach.

My husband went to school for finance, and spent two years at Morgan Stanley’s Times Square headquarters before leaving in search of a better work/life balance in 2002. He found his way to San Diego, and back to his childhood passion of playing and coaching tennis. He has worked at the Barnes Tennis Center in Point Loma as a Competitive and High Performance Coach since 2003. He is constantly looking for new ways to develop young kid’s coordination and get them excited about sports.  He loves helping the kids with the blocks and the train tracks too. On the sidebar you can see a couple pictures and videos that highlight his enthusiasm for the kids.

As for me, I earned a degree in early childhood education and biology, and got my first teaching job right after college at the Conover Road School in Colts Neck, NJ. When I moved out here to be with Adam in 2004, I gained experience as a Substitute Teacher before becoming Director of Education at the Sylvan Learning Center in Mira Mesa in 2006. The position at Sylvan was heavy with administrative work however, so I began looking for my own classroom again in 2008. That Fall I was delighted to join the team at a prestigious private school in La Jolla, and have worked there as a Kindergarten Teacher ever since.  

I knew I wanted to work with children from the start. I just love the joy and excitement the children bring as they discover the world. My passion for teaching is continually renewed by them, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful. It’s a great thing to get up in the morning and love your work.

I’m sure that you, the parents, already know that your child is special and unique. Know that my husband and I want them to feel that too, want them to love The Sprout House experience, and come away with memories that last a lifetime.

The Sprout House 

July, 2016

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